Professional teeth cleaning

The Medical Dental Centre “DOBRODENT” works in accordance with world standards. That is why we use X-ray diagnostics.

Roentgen is used to diagnose cavities on the interdental and subgingival surfaces, possible secondary decay under fillings and crowns. Roentgen is essential for determining the depth of carious defect and its correlation with the tooth cavity, the quality control of root canal filling, for the assessment of bone tissue that surrounds the tooth root (in case of having periodontitis), as well as while removing teeth, implantation and prosthesis. Roentgenological method holds leading positions in the complex diagnosis of patients with diseases of the maxillofacial area.

It allows:

 To diagnose the disease – to identify and visualize clinically undefined pathological processes.
 Asses the quality and adequacy of the carried-out medical activities
 Timely detect possible complications

Made in the dynamics identical roentgen photos enable to evaluate the received results.

Unlike other areas of medicine roentgen device which is used in dentistry is the safest. It has a very small beam of radiation and the duration of its effect is short. Therefore, the dose that patients receive is very insignificant. For comparison, the average dose that the patient receives by radiography is approximately 0,001 mSv (Sievert is a unit of ionizing radiation), in the usual environment a person receives about 3.0 mSv during the year.