Dental keeping technology

Tooth-preserving procedures

Do not rush to extract the tooth, because there is a number of procedures that might preserve your tooth for many years:
• root apex ablation – removal of the part of the tooth root with the piece of chronic infection (cyst, granuloma)
• hemisection – cutting off the affected multi-root tooth, allowing to save some part of the crown and root which are left for future prosthesis. It will be more reliable than implantation.

All these interventions are carried out with modern equipment using materials that enhance regeneration of the bone tissue. This leads to the reduction of rehabilitation time and confidence in its results.

Tooth extraction

If the tooth still needs to be extracted, we offer to do it painlessly, with minimal trauma of the surrounding tissues, using modern anesthetics, antimicrobials and medication that stimulates bone formation, which will help to avoid postoperative complications.