Prosthetic teeth

Prosthesis of teeth

Rational prosthesis brings back not only your smile but also your confidence.
Qualified orthopedic dentists of our clinic will suggest you a balanced approach to solving the problems of restoration of damaged individual teeth and dentitions.

Individual approach to treating the patient, further cooperation and search for optimal solutions are accepted in accordance with personal preferences and opportunities – this is the main focus of our team.

It is possible to use fixed prostheses:

 dental crowns and bridge constructions of various kinds (metal-ceramics and metal-free ceramics);
 microprothesis (veneers, inlays, adhesive bridges);
 prothesis on implants.

Restoration of chewing cosmetics and function is also possible by help of removable prostheses:
 partial and full dentures;
 flexible dentures;
 clasp prosthesis.

Orthopedic constructions are made of materials from leading European and local manufacturers. Advanced technology and equipment of the dental technical laboratories which we collaborate with, enable doctors and patients to choose the most efficient kind of prosthesis that will preserve your health and your smile for years.